La Fiesta Mayor de Gracia is a young party in 2 ways, by age and type of audience that frequents the streets. Las Fiestas de Gracia born in a small village peasant in the nineteenth century as mutates extraordinary village of artisans, workers and small traders.

The festivity is consolidated in the mid and late nineteenth century, was defined in a more civic than religious, under the impulse of many workers and recreational entities, such as Athena or Dance Company.

The Gràcia Party

The party

The party proposes for a week, exhibitions, children's activities, workshops, sports, parades, exhibitions of different artists, dance, theater and more.
In the streets of the neighborhood as the Plaza del Sol and Plaza Rius i Taulet where you can attend concerts of jazz, rock and even classical music. For foodies there will also be a section devoted to food.

Every year thousands of people stroll through the narrow streets of the neighborhood dancing, drinking, flirting and having fun. Although the concerts typically end at 2.00 am, the party continues late into the night. Las Fiestas de Gracia are one of the most colorful and lively festivals in Barcelona!

Where to eat, dinner or just take the first drink?

From www.fiestasdegracia.es we recommend the HOLA MANITO, restaurant, a classic restaurant in Gràcia.
Located in the heart of Gràcia (50 meters from Fontana Metro station), HOLA MANITO, is a place where, in addition to eating good, you will have a great time.

Good music, drinks and the best Mexican cuisine is the promise of this cool place with a fun atmosphere, ideal to meet with friends.

Hola Manito

With its famous mojitos and margaritas before, during or after dinner, HOLA MANITO is also an ideal place to start your engines.


Gran de Gràcia, 167, Gràcia, Barcelona


By Metro: L3 fontana
Walking: 15 minutes from Plaza Catalunya


Lunch: daily from 13 to 17h (no Sundays)
Night: daily from 20 to 0.30 h

TEL. 93 237 60 20

Indicating the code Fiestadegracia, the restaurant, you'll be greeted with a shot of Tequila per person. Fiestas de Gràcia.